Welcome to Siikalatva – the Center Point of Finland 

The municipality of Siikalatva is located along the major road E75 that takes you across our country. In addition to the center point of Finland monument in the village of Leskelä we also have several fascinating natural attractions which are worth to visit.



Would you like to hike in a beautiful environment? On the nature trail of Haapavuori you can enjoy nature's variety and camping fire sites with scenic views.

Haapavuorentie 65, 92600 Siikalatva


If you like to admire beautiful lake view, you may want to relax by the dam of Tulisaari right next to the E75 road. The artificial lake of Uljua, which was built to control flood water of the area, is now 50 years old. This freshwater lake is a perfect place for those who are hooked on fishing and that is why the lake attracts recreational fishermen from all parts of Finland.

Ouluntie 846, 92600 Pulkkila

The Churches

Siikalatva has four churches which represent different centuries. The churches were built between 1700’s and 1900’s.


You are most welcome to stay overnight in the countryside of Siikalatva

B&B Rosenberg

You are welcome to stay in the well-appointed and cozy year-round cottages in Sipola right next to the E75 road.

Sipolantie 25, 92520 SIPOLA

Farmhouse accommodation of Yli-Porkka

You can find the well-appointed log cabins by the scenic Siikajoki river in Rantsila. The cabins accommodate eight people each.

Eila Väyrynen tel. +358 400 287 403
Paavo Väyrynen tel. +358 40 507 1923

Jylhänrannantie 2150, 92500 Rantsila

Rantsila ROM

ROM is an old dairy that has been renovated into comfortable guest rooms. It is located in the heart of Rantsila village.


Paavolantie 10, Rantsila

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